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Epoxy Flooring

Non slip and chemical-resistant, epoxy floor coatings for basements, showrooms, warehouses and garage flooring with tested and proven performance. Color chip, quartz or metallic epoxy floor coatings for restaurants, hotels, medical offices and commercial kitchens.
Epoxy services include – Grind, stain and seal with clear epoxy, urethanes and polyureas. Chemical resistant industrial epoxy coatings with colored quartz or chips. Metallic Epoxy coatings are available for retail stores, restaurants, offices, showrooms, residential garage floors and basements. Waterproof coatings available.

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Stamped Concrete & Pavers

Concrete stamping and pavers are commonly used for exterior constructions of pool decks, walkways, driveways and sidewalks. For interior design stamped concrete overlays are available. Unlimited patterns include brick, cobblestone, slate and natural stone.

Pavers are an alternative to concrete stamping with similar patterns and styles of brick, cobblestone, slate and natural stone.

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Concrete Polishing

Polished concrete produces a natural decorative finish in matte or gloss. Originally created to remove blemishes and to transform plain concrete floors, concrete polishing offers unlimited options for residential and commercial property owners seeking a unique decorative flooring style.

As the demand for polished floors increased, manufacturers have provided new products and techniques to make floors even more aesthetically appealing. Polishable self-leveling concrete overlays provide a resurfacing solution to concrete with blemishes. Great for basements, retail stores and offices.

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Concrete Staining & Dye

Concrete staining and dyes are used to add color and design to enhance cement surfaces. They can be used for polished concrete, stamped concrete and on overlays. They can also be used on concrete countertops, custom sinks, wall panels and elements.

Staining colors are earth tones of browns and greens. Water and solvent based dyes come in every color and shade. Water based dyes are soft pastels, solvent based dyes and vibrant colors. Stains and dyes can be used together to enhance color design.

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Important Permit Information

The Building Department of Springfield, Massachusetts issues all residential and commercial construction permits.

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