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Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy coatings include resinous high performance coatings and thin, low traffic floor paint for concrete floors. They are ideal for garage floors, basements, warehouses, retail stores, commercial kitchens and medical facilities.

Choose from garage floor epoxy to high build epoxy industrial floor coatings for commercial uses and chemical resistant requirements. They are seamless and non-slip. Epoxy floor coatings often function as moisture mitigation primers for new concrete or damp areas.

Colors range from basic gray, beige, red, green and blue to decorative systems with color chips, quartz or metallic epoxy, which produces a marble effect.

Learn more about the benefits of epoxy flooring here.

Stamped Concrete & Pavers

Stamped concrete and paving stones are commonly used for exterior walkways, pool decks, patios and driveways. Concrete stamping used in interiors assists in resurfacing existing cement surfaces with stampable overlays. Stamped concrete patterns also function well for masonry steps and stairs. Patterns include brick, cobblestone, stone, slate and wood plank.

Stamped concrete color options are unlimited. New concrete slabs mixed with integral color as well as colored concrete stains, dyes and hardeners to create the natural look of stone or brick.

Pavers come in many shapes, patterns and color to match your landscape décor. They are ideal for retaining walls, curbs and borders.

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Polished Concrete Floors

Widely used for industrial warehouses and big box retail stores, polished concrete's natural appearance is in huge demand for residential, basements, garages, retail stores, restaurants, art galleries, showrooms and loft apartment buildings.

As demand rapidly increased, new products and techniques evolved to make floors even more beautiful and durable. Since not every concrete floor is ideal for polishing due to blemishes, uneven surfaces or floor height issues, polishable overlays and self-leveling systems provide a solution. Contractors are able to pour self-leveling overlays in 1 day. Adding color pigments, concrete stains and dyes enhances variation and replicates the natural look of polished concrete.

Discover the beauty of polished concrete flooring.

Stained Concrete and Dyes

Property owners use concrete stain, dyes and floor paints to enhance the beauty of concrete floors, walls, countertops, custom sinks and elements. Manufacturers are constantly improving products for coloring concrete. Acid stains work for both interior and exterior cement floors as well as on stamped concrete, polished concrete floors and overlays.

Primary use of dyes consists of interior applications since they tend to fade from direct UV rays; whereas, acid stains tend to color flooring with earth tones of browns and greens. Dyes are available in all colors. Water-based dyes display soft pastel colors while solvent-based dyes offer more vibrant coloring.

For protection, concrete experts seal stained concrete and dyes with water or solvent-based concrete sealers, concrete epoxy, urethanes and polyureas.

Learn more about stained concrete flooring as an option for your home or business here...

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Need zoning, code and permit information? Visit Worcester Inspection services. They now have online application and payment processing for permits directly on their website.

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