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Epoxy Flooring

The versatility of epoxy flooring and overlays range from thin floor paints to chemical resistant and non-slip coatings. Commonly used on garage flooring, kennels, offices, medical centers, restaurants and warehouses. Epoxy flooring services include colored concrete chip, quartz and metallic coatings. Epoxies also come in a wide variety of colors. They are non-slip and chemical resistant. One-Day Polyaspartic Floor Systems are available for garages and commercial uses. They perform like epoxies but with a rapid cure process. In a rush? Inquire about Polyaspartic Coatings.

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Stamped Concrete & Pavers

Concrete stamping and pavers are used for outdoor construction and landscaping. Both offer design options with brick, slate, cobblestone and natural stone in many styles, designs and colors. Popular uses include swimming pool decks, patios, pathways and driveways. They are also used for retaining walls, curbing, and to create decorative garden hardscapes. Interior concrete floors can be resurfaced with stampable concrete overlays. Overlays can be stamped with brick or stone patterns.

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Polished Concrete Floors

The demand for polished concrete floors has increased. Concrete experts and manufacturers have developed ways to provide more beautiful and long-lasting concrete floors for residential and commercial property owners. The polished concrete process includes grinding and honing of the cement surface. Durability is enhanced with the application of liquid densifiers. Concrete stains and dyes can be applied turning the drab into one of beauty.

Floors with excessive cracks and blemishes can be resurfaced with self-leveling concrete. Self-leveling overlays can be polished and sealed.

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Stained Concrete and Dyes

Stained concrete floors will transform a rather drab home or office into a whole new space with elegance. The use of staining and dyes will produce a wide array of colors.

Dyes are normally use indoors since they are affected by direct sunlight. Acid staining can be used indoors as well as outdoors. To protect the stained concrete and dyes clear epoxy, polyureas, water or solvent based sealers are applied.

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