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Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is known to be extremely versatile when it comes to designs and colors. Color choices range from basic gray, beige, red and blue and for extremely sensational look add color chips, quartz or metallic epoxy which produces a marble effect.

Property owners choose epoxy flooring for durability, skid resistance, industrial performance . It is widely used on commercial and industrial floors retail stores, restaurants, garages and basements.

Epoxy Flooring Services – Non Slip color chip and quartz systems, metallic epoxy, chemical resistant coatings.

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Stamped Concrete & Pavers

Stamped concrete and pavers are a top choice for home owners, business owners and landscape experts for adding curb appeal to exterior design. Concrete stamping gives the look of other building materials such as natural stone, tiles, brick or flagstone without the equivalent expense. Commonly use for outdoor landscaping, pathways, driveways, pools and fountain areas.

Though used mostly for outdoor construction, concrete stamping is now being used for indoor flooring as well. With the use of stamping overlay, which consists of ¼-inch thick concrete coatings, a designer look is achievable.

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Concrete Polishing

Commonly used in both residential and commercial projects, concrete polishing can transform a drab floor into an elegant sophisticated floor. Now, with different decorative designs and a wide range of colors to choose from, achieving a designer look for a home or office floors is no longer hard.

Concrete contractors can apply concrete overlays to remove blemishes transforming plain floors into a decorative, non slip and seamless coating. Choose from unlimited design options including tile patterns with custom borders. Polished concrete and overlays can be finished with matte or high gloss.

Polished Concrete Resurfacing Services - self leveling concrete overlays, microtoppings

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acid stain restaurant

Concrete Staining & Dye

Concrete stain, dyes and paints improve the overall look of concrete floors, walls, customs sinks, countertops and elements. Acid stains and dyes are applied to interior and exterior cement floors, stamped concrete and polished concrete.

Dyes are commonly used for interior applications since it will fade if exposed directly to UV rays. While water-base dyes produce soft pastel colors, solvent base dyes produces more vibrant coloring.
To protect and seal concrete floors with colors, experts use water or solvent-based sealers, epoxy, urethanes and polyureas.

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